Kévin Lavoie

Associated Researcher

Kévin Lavoie (he/him) holds an interdisciplinary doctorate in applied humanities from Université de Montréal. He is an assistant professor in Université Laval’s school of social work and criminology and is the scientific director of the Centre de recherche Jeunes, familles et réponses sociales (JEFAR, the Centre for research on youth, families and social responses). His research and teaching interests sit at the crossroads of family, sexual and gender diversity. His current research work examines the social and relational aspects of assisted reproduction, particularly the relationship to maternity and paternity among those concerned with surrogacy and gamete donation. He is the lead researcher for the PREFER Study and Narratives within families with children conceived via sperm donation project as well as a co-researcher with the DRIFTS project and the My Mother’s Surrogacy project, which fall within the programming of the Canada Research Chair in Third-Party Reproduction and Family Ties.

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