Projects in the process of recruitment

Participate in Adoption Project

Conducted in collaboration with the LGBT+ Family Coalition, the Adoption project aims to describe, understand and compare the attitudes and representations of various groups of professionals (from the fields of social work, psychology and law) regarding the adoption of a child by a person or couple from the LGBTQ communities. We wish to identify the best predictors of a favorable attitude towards adoption by a person or couple from the LGBTQ community. The results of this research will allow us to better target the training needs of social and legal professionals who work with LGBTQ families. ** In French Only **
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Participate in Contact Project

The Contact project aims to examine situations in which a gamete donor is directly contacted by a donor offspring, whom they did not previously know. The study will help better understand the consequences of the progressive expansion of donor conceived people’s access to information about their origins. It will provide pathways for people working in the field of assisted reproduction with regard to supporting users and could be mobilized by lawmakers interested in the issue.
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